We offer translation services from English and Spanish to French.

Translation in brief

Translation, a true profession!

Generally speaking, translation is a little known and misunderstood professional activity. Translating is not just about replacing one word by another. It is much more subtle than that. Of course, it is essential to know the source language well, namely the original foreign language, but that is not enough. The translation process requires a high level of skill in one’s own language, as well as time, research, creativity and even daring!

Often, people we work for do not understand fully what we do in concrete terms. It is difficult to describe a typical working day because our work takes us everywhere: from news from the largest European research centre on particle physics to the work in Africa or China of a large NGO working against human rights abuses, via the commercial release of a new water purifying bottle or an item of fitness equipment.

Therefore, we translate from English and Spanish into French, our mother tongue, and never into any other languages (although we are able to direct you to other translators). Depending on the type of text, the subject area and the technical complexity, each of us is able to translate up to 2,500 words a day. We have decided to invoice per source word, and rates vary depending on the urgency and difficulty of each project.