We offer translation services from English and Spanish to French.

Fields of work...

and examples...

As a result of our training, we specialise in general, technical and legal translations, but this will probably mean more to you if we give you a few samples of the work we have been doing since 2007.


The Medicines Patent Pool (since 2011)
  • Website
  • Articles on acces to medicines, intellectual property and patents
  • News, press releases and official statements
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (since 2011)
  • Translation of various administrative documents on the organisation's working procedures and funding mecanisms


The Universal Postal Union (since 2011)
  • Translation of a report dealing with postal financial inclusion
  • Translation of the official guide for Member countries dealing with the drafting of a proposal for universal postal service
  • Translation of a guide dealing with the financing of the postal reform
Generation Europe (2008-2011)
  • Agenda Europa (topical themes and presentation of the EU) for French-speaking high school students in the EU
European Parliamentary Forum (2009)
  • Report on the good practices of the EPF’s Malaria Task Force, EPF’s annual report
Galerie Marlborough (2007-2011)
  • Presentations of artists and exhibitions

Human rights/International humanitarian law

United Nations Development Programme (June-August 2010)
  • Draft papers for the International Conference on Cluster Munitions in Santiago, Chile.
Human Rights Watch (since 2008)
  • Press releases on the human rights situation in the world
  • Launch of a worldwide campaign to free Burmese prisoners
  • Reports on human rights abuses in Guinea, Morocco and Burundi
  • Country reports assessment for the annual worldwide report
CMC ICBL (since 2010)
  • Press releases
  • Policy guidance on the Convention on Cluster Munitions
  • Questions/Answers on the Convention on Cluster Munitions
  • Memo for participants to various international conferences


European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) (since 2012)
  • Translation of a practical guide helping the business sector to set up partnerships for business and biodiversity
  • Translation of a training handbook aimed at including biodiversity in local plans and policies
Katadyn (Optimus, Light My Fire, Katadyn, Trek n' Eat and Nemo brands) (since 2008)
  • Video scripts presenting Katadyn and Optimus products
  • Specifications for outdoor products (filters, mosquito products, stoves)
  • Catalogue for outdoor products (filters, kitchen utensils, camping stoves, accessories)
  • Light My Fire newsletter
Menigoute Film Festival
  • Scripts for animal documentaries for an ornithological festival

Particle physics

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) (since 2008)
  • Annual report
  • Articles for in-house bulletin (scientific, general, etc.)
  • Supports for an itinerant exhibition on the universe
  • Awarding of contracts (equipment, services, etc.)
  • Website content (mass market, matter and anti-matter)

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property Watch (2007-2009)
  • Articles (2 to 3 a month) on intellectual property news
Global Economic Governance, University College, Oxford (January 2009)
  • Chapter from a book on the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement in Africa
Veni Vidi Libri (2007)
  • Creation of a trilingual glossary about open source software


Adeunis (2008)
  • Instructions for radio transmission systems
For an agency
  • Technical descriptions of hydraulic dams
  • Product communiqués (equipment and software) in the computing sector
  • Instructions for fitness equipment


  • Interpretation for the reading of notarial acts
  • Interpretation for a meeting prior to dismissal
  • Interpretation for the return of a stolen car to its Spanish owner
  • Minutes of the assembly
For an agency
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Various contracts
  • Transcribing of testimonies for a trial


For an agency
  • Biography of Ayrton Senna
  • Biography of Robert Francis Kennedy
  • Scientific mass market publications for children
  • Fairytales for children