We offer translation services from English and Spanish to French.

For successful collaborations…

We devote our days to one sole activity: the translation of texts from English and Spanish into French, our mother tongue.

When you call upon our services, you are guaranteed to be directly in touch with the person who is going to translate your document. It is our principle to never subcontract our work.

Our leanings and our convictions have led us naturally to work with customers whose values we approve: sharing of intellectual property (medicines Patent Pool), respect for the environment (ECNC) and Human rights (Human Rights Watch), humanitarian initiatives (Cluster Munition Coalition), and the fight against diseases (the Global Fund, IDA Foundation, DNDi).

We have set up a method of working based on collaboration at each stage in the translation process.   We attach great importance to discussing different viewpoints, whether during the document’s translation, by working together on difficult passages, or during its proofreading. Each of us reads her own work before entrusting it to the other for bilingual and then unilingual checking. When the project is suitable, we proofread it aloud: this helps us to confirm whether the translation flows well.

Do not be surprised if we contact you during the job to ask for explanations or additional information about a part of the text… this is a good sign!

If the three of us need to work on translating large documents, we always ensure that we use the same style and terminology so that the work is completely coherent.

This streamlining of work allows us to react very quickly in the event of changes made during the project (although it is always best if you start by sending us the final version of the text!).

Our work is based on consulting relevant resources, adapted to the profile of your project and your target audience: online terminology databases, translation memories, publications, glossaries, etc.

Finally, it is our rule to never accept a job if we are not certain to be able to provide a top quality translation within the required timescale. If we are not the right people for your project, we will be able to direct you to a translator colleague from our network who will be able to meet your needs